Actifio Public Documentation Library for Version 7.0

Welcome to the Actifio Public Documentation Library page. Here you’ll find a wealth of technical documentation for Actifio CDS and Sky 7.0 that provides a view into the radically simple world of Actifio copy data management—the virtual data pipeline.
If you are using version 7.1, please go to this page.

Actifio customers have access to ActifioNOW, our customer support portal. ActifioNOW provides complete and comprehensive technical product documentation that includes proprietary information not available here.

PDF Files in the Doctifio 7.0 Library

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BasicsConfiguring Actifio AppliancesManaging Copy Data
What's New in Actifio CDS and Sky 7.0Connecting Your Hosts to the Actifio ApplianceUsing the Actifio Dashboard
Getting Started with Actifio Copy Data ManagementSetting Up Users and Roles in the Domain ManagerVirtualizing and Protecting Copy Data with the Application Manager
Actifio Administrator Daily TasksConfiguring Resources and Settings in the Domain ManagerAccessing and Recovering Copy Data with the Application Manager
Actifio GlossaryConfiguring Alerting and NotificationsReplicating Data Using Actifio Appliances
Actifio Remote Support OptionsPlanning and Developing Service Level AgreementsRestoring Applications with the Application Manager
The Most Common Error Codes in Actifio 7.xConfiguring Actifio Big Data DirectorUsing the System Monitor to Monitor Jobs and Events
Actifio Report Manager Deployment GuideUsing the Actifio Report Manager