Actifio Public Documentation Library for Version 8.0

Welcome to the Actifio Public Documentation Library page for Actifio Sky and CDS!

From this page you can access the Actifio Global Manager (AGM) 8.0 Online Help and also view or download the PDF files in the Actifio Documentation Library.

Actifio customers have access to ActifioNOW, our customer support portal. ActifioNOW provides complete and comprehensive technical product documentation including information not available here. You can also see brief videos of the most common procedures at the Actifio Enablement YouTube Channel!

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PDF Files in the Doctifio 8.0 Library

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BasicsConfiguring Actifio AppliancesManaging Copy DataActifio OnVault
What's New in Actifio CDS and Sky 8.0Network Administrator's Guide to Actifio Copy Data ManagementUsing the Actifio DashboardActifio OnVault: AWS Edition
Getting Started with Actifio Copy Data ManagementConfiguring Actifio Event AlertingVirtualizing and Protecting Copy Data with the Application ManagerActifio OnVault: Generic AWS S3-Edition
Actifio Administrator Daily TasksConnecting Your Hosts to the Actifio ApplianceAccessing and Recovering Copy Data with the Application ManagerActifio OnVault: Dell/EMC ECS Storage Edition
Actifio GlossarySetting Up Users and Roles in the Domain ManagerReplicating Data Using Actifio AppliancesActifio OnVault: Google Cloud Storage Edition
Actifio Remote Support OptionsConfiguring Resources and Settings in the Domain ManagerRestoring Applications with the Application ManagerActifio OnVault: Hitachi Content Platform Edition
The Most Common Error Codes in Actifio 8.xPlanning and Developing Service Level AgreementsUsing the System Monitor to Monitor Jobs and EventsActifio OnVault: IBM Cloud Object Storage Edition
Actifio Managed Data Licensing (MDL)
Installing and Using the Actifio DesktopUsing the Actifio Report ManagerActifio OnVault: Microsoft Azure Edition
Actifio Data SecurityConfiguring Short RPO with StreamSnap and DARUpdating From the Actifio DesktopActifio OnVault: Scality S3 Server Edition
White Paper: Microsoft ExchangeActifio Report Manager Deployment GuideCreating Automated Workflows for Oracle DatabasesActifio OnVault: Wasabi Management Console Edition
White Paper: SQL ServerEnabling Multi-Tenancy with Actifio OrganizationsCreating Automated Workflows for SQL Server DatabasesConfiguring the Actifio OnVault Data Access Utility for Mounting AWS S3 Storage
Troubleshooting Actifio SystemsActifio Sky Appliance Possible Major FailuresProtecting a Large Number of Microsoft SQL DatabasesConfiguring the Actifio OnVault Data Access Utility for Mounting Google Cloud Storage
Actifio Exchange Recovery Guide (for Ontrack PowerControls Software)
Using the Actifio CLI

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